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Rest stop

July 5, 2016

I’ve been working in West Texas recently and since I drive there, I try to stop at rest stops and historical junk if I have the time. Texas almost always has clean, tidy and comfortable rest stops. This particular one was in between Wichita Falls and Lubbock. The light was nice and it feels almost like some weird Rockwell moment, but more strange.


Drama of the clouds.

June 28, 2016

Just skirted a storm in Northwest Texas a couple of weeks ago at sunset, and the light was amazing.

_MG_0722 copy

Stereo Car.

May 18, 2016

Worked on a cool story for The Wall Street Journal about car audio legend Mark Aldridge and his custom made Nascar Sprint Cup car and it’s 3,900 watt mega audio system. He has¬†a forest of trophies and is a giant in the¬†industry. Nice guy, too.






Black and white weather.

May 11, 2016

Storm clouds skirt the Oklahoma City metro area.


Cameras for all

April 27, 2016

So my neighbor knows I’m a photographer, and being the sweetheart he is, thought I’d like this old Insta Flash twin lens. He couldn’t have been more right! Circa 1950, this 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 negative producing box retailed for $6.95. I like it on pink…

Vintage twin lens camera

Big boots

April 15, 2016

The intention was to take some photos of missing front teeth. This is where we ended up.


Blinded by the Light.

March 25, 2016

Just kidding. But seriously, these old Dot Blue flash bulbs would blow your mind if you were in front of one, let alone three at the same time. Each bulb has a guide number of 550′ at ISO 100. Some back of the envelope math indicates flash output around 700 watt/seconds, which is intense. All three together with this sweet clover leaf hand-held-light-of-the-stars flashgun? Revelatory.

Small Bulb and Gun-


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