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June 12, 2013

This was a project made for the 9th annual Okie Art Exchange. A one-of-a-kind collodion tintype, the idea was to emulate early 20th century photography, referencing the sideshow photos of the era, either the ‘showcard,’ the business card for performers, or the ‘aftercatch,’ a souvenir one would buy once inside the show. Text on the back of the frame told the story of Octoboy:

“Octoboy, Squidboy, The Human Squid, The Eight Legged Freak, The Terror of Texas, El Puer Lolligo del Muerte, (The Child Squid of Death) or Bobby, as he was called by his mother, were some of the names given to Robert Orel Jones of El Paso, Texas. Born in 1899, Bobby’s condition, Humana Polypus Multitripodes, was, and remains, a scientific mystery. Per the times, The Human Squid traveled the sideshow circuit but finished life in Galveston, where he would swim in a custom made tank and crush crab legs on the beach for a dime a piece, routinely entertaining crowds of hundreds. He died peacefully in 1959.”

Special thanks to my friend Mark Zimmerman, whose collodion expertise made this possible.


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  1. benn permalink
    June 14, 2013 7:06 pm

    Very cool!

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